'Beech enjoys' to enjoy graceful wine-tasting in forest, this series design concept comes from the precious and representative wood of Taiwan. "Taiwan Beech" is characterized by its beautiful tree shape and good material.  As a design element of the drinking vessel series, the soft curves of the trees are applied to the appearance of the product to infuse the cold metal into the temperature of life.  It is hoped that the wine tasting moment will be completely free as being in the forest.

The series product includes Wine Pourer, Bottle Stopper, Corkscrews, Bottle Opener as

a complete set, and the display stand also selects Taiwan Beech, both aesthetic and functional performance.


This product is precision casting made with manual fine grinding, in the pursuit of aesthetics, Gdesign team also attaches great importance to the product manufacturing, so we adhere to the use of good materials,environmentally friendly processing methods to protect the natural ecology.

Bottle Stoppers

This product is hand-cast high-quality wine stoppers for easy airtightness to extend and preserve the taste of the wine and is suitable for all bottles.


Wine Pourer

This product is hand-cast high-quality wine-filler, which can increase the speed of air into the wine through the air-tube, which makes the hard-tasting wine more soft and smooth. The silicone bottle stopper is suitable for all bottles.


Foil Cutter

This product is hand-cast high-quality Foil Cutter, Neatly remove the foil cap before pulling the cork of your favorite wine . With a smooth and easy-to-grip design.



This product is hand-cast high-quality wine bottle opener, and the perfectly curved grip can gracefully remove the cork.


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